Jeremy Renner to lead PTA’s latest?

Almost everybody who cares about cinema knows of Jeremy Renner by this point. He headlined The Hurt Locker as Staff Sergeant William James in his first — and so far only — Oscar nominated turn. The film, as I’m sure you all know, also took home Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay.

So I’m most popular in the world for my ‘review’ of PTA’s Scientology script, so I’m going to throw down my two cents on this rumor. Either PTA’s casting crew has messed up terribly in casting Renner as aberrant Freddie or PTA has altered the story significantly in changing his protagonists age 15-20 years. However, this could all be fictitious which would be the best outcome of the three.

See, I interpreted Freddie as a malign young man (he’s in his “early 20s” as the script prescribes) who is very much lost in the world and indulges in his escape — alcohol — whenever given the opportunity. For the role I pictured a far more innocent looking person: think Paul Dano or Emile Hirsch. Someone who has a soft appeal to them; someone you’d care for based off of their caring eyes and frail disposition; someone who you could identify with and root for. Renner possess none of these qualities which is why he was perfectly suited for the role of Sgt. James.

On the flip side, PTA might be wanting to take an ulterior route with the main character; he might want to make him somebody you’d despise. If this is the case, which it most certainly could be, that’s perfectly fine. I’m all for morbid characters flooding my screen. Of course, the character arc of Freddie would have to be altered a bit for what he says/does to align with what PTA would be driving at.

Still, Renner doesn’t fit the profile of a young man so this casting is absolutely terrible in that regard. Either the role has changed significantly since I read the script or someone has sparked up one of the more illogical casting rumors I’ve ever seen.



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