What’s On: March

Forgot to do one of these at the beginning of the month. Oh and I’m changing the format. And for a complete list of what’s coming out in March, click here.

The Exploding Girl (March 12: Why? Zoe Kazan in a leading role. Love her.)
Green Zone (March 12: Why? Paul Greengrass has never steered me the wrong direction. Mixed reviews don’t worry me.)
She’s Out Of My League (March 12: Why? Looks absolutely hilarious. Formulaic as hell, but the trailer hooked me.)
Tales From The Script (March 12: Why? I’m not really a documentary connoisseur, but this looks fascinating. Cinema and war combined? Cool.)
Greenberg (March 26: Why? Well, despite the trailer being rather poor, I love Greta Gerwig so seeing her hit mainstream indie justifies my ticket. And I’m a Stiller fan to an extent.)

Brooklyn’s Finest (March 5: Why? Even though it looks convoluted and obvious, I can’t pass up that cast.)
Alice in Wonderland (March 5: Why? New talent excites me, so I must see this for Mia Wasikowska.)
City Island (March 19: Why? Solid trailer, solid cast, solid review – no reason not to see this for a guy that watches a myriad of latest releases.)
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (March 19: Why? Been hearing pretty decent things about it for awhile now. Interesting synopsis, too.)
Vincere (March 19: Why? Was going to see it at TIFF, but got swayed into checking something else out. Many consider Italy’s submission of Baaria over this for Best Foreign Feature a great mistake.)
Repo Men (March 19: Why? I love Jude Law and Liev Schreiber. However, the trailer told me the entire story so I lost a lot of interest.)
The Runaways (March 19: Why? I have no idea. It looks pretty stupid, but I suppose I’m inclined to given its early Oscar buzz. Oh and Michael Shannon is in it and I love him.)
Bluebeard (March 26: Why? Although Catherine Breillat and I don’t see eye to eye, I’ve heard good things. Plus she’s bound to make something I take to one day; this could be it.)
How To Train Your Dragon (March 26: Why? It looks like a lot of fun. The child in me will always be drawn to these films even if some of them suck – ie. Monsters vs. Aliens.)

And then there are probably a few others I didn’t mention that I’ll eventually check out. Like Chloe, just on the basis that I get bored rather easily and love new cinema.

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