A Night At The Oscars

A few months ago I was filled with great trepidation over how this ceremony would be conducted. With Shankman urging great change and a myriad of bad ideas in the air (none of them the ten nominee system which I’ve been fond of since day one), I expected the worst. Capping off my fret was the last minute news that there’d be a “thank you cam” stationed backstage which meant people couldn’t thank people on-stage during their speech and a John Hughes tribute (which was inserted into the telecast because apparently the president of AMPAS was a good friend of John Hughes in their heyday, but whatever). Turns out, this was the best yet — well, I’ve only been viewing since ’05 but being first out of five is always an honor. Well was.

The show was essentially a big thumbs up from me. From the b-boy flagrancy during the score samples, the montages for the supporting actor/supporting actress nominees, the genuineness of having friends making monologues about the nominees (which held the warmth that AMPAS clearly strove for last year with the past winner idea; too bad that felt more like a welcoming into a cult rather than something illustrious) and cutting the original song nominees from being sung, everything worked. Apart from a few mishaps (thanks Ms. Burkett) and a few concepts I wasn’t fond of (the Hughes tribute, which was still nicely done but not something I felt necessary), the 82nd annual Academy Awards were perfect.

Oh and the winners weren’t half bad either. But when you follow awards season as extensively as I do, all you hope for on Oscar night is an upset or two. This was provided by Geoffrey Fletcher’s win. So all in all a great night and 200 minutes well spent; James Cameron could learn a thing or two from Adam Shankman.

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