Golden Globe Reactions

You may be wondering “wtf is that picture all about?” and I’ll tell you. Shutter Island was plugged more than any Scorsese feature in his tribute, so I feel it necessary to laugh at the excess that is being commercial. So blunt that Emily was offended.

So I got 11/25 right. Wow that’s terrible. Anyways: my thoughts on the winners.

Not at all big on this one. Wasn’t fond of the film, story or performances. In fact, the only thing about this I appreciated was James Cameron’s vision. Too bad his futuristic mindset was retrofitted by a tale older than time itself. Bland and rather boring. Hope this doesn’t repeat at the Oscars.

Another one I wasn’t too fond of. At least the competition in this category was weak so my displeasure isn’t enhanced. But seriously, not that good a film. Would’ve preferred any of the other nominees to this. Oh well.

BEST ACTOR [DRAMA]: Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart
No comment. I may see this downtown if I go tomorrow (to see La Donation/Protector), but anyways he seemed gracious in his win and looks pretty good in the trailer.

BEST ACTOR [COMEDY/MUSICAL]: Robert Downey Jr., Sherlock Holmes
Fantastic performance; fantastic attitude; fantastic speech; fantastic win. I prefer Stuhlberg in A Serious Man of the nominees (and not by much) so this “surprising”, albeit conventional win pleased me. Nice.

BEST ACTRESS [DRAMA]: Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side
As average as the film she performs in. And I give that film a 5/10, so… Anyways, tacky accent and excessive body language in her smug performance as a smarmy character. Disliked the character and performance. Considering you’re supposed to warm up to her and the morale, I submit this as a valid criticism against her. Anyways, my least favourite win of the night.

BEST ACTRESS [COMEDY/MUSICAL]: Meryl Streep, Julie and Julia
My second favourite nominee in the category behind only herself in It’s Complicated. Delightful, eccentric, actually warming – Meryl Streep’s performance as Julia Child is reminiscent of family and that does my heart good. Go butter!

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds
It’s getting pretty boring seeing him win every award, but… he’s an intelligent and restrained man in person which only makes me appreciate his zany antics in the film more. I thought his speech was well organized but he lacks any energy I truly enjoy. Anyways, I loved the performance so him winning here is fine by me.

Why oh why did I swap predicting her for my Anna Kendrick last minute? I need to be pro-Anna this entire season, but my hopes for her are fleeting. Glad she appeared her; she gave a potent, if exacerbated speech that was a great way to kick off the evening. Not my personal pick, but her work here is good regardless of favoritism.

BEST DIRECTOR: James Cameron, Avatar
His work here is rather good. It’d be remiss of HFPA not to give him the win in an uneasy category for this. Though I find it a malnourished sentiment to hand him Best Picture, I cannot fathom this feature being a passable one without Cameron’s unique grandiose at the helm. Do I prefer him to the nominees? A few. He isn’t my favourite, but I’m fine with him winning best director.

BEST SCREENPLAY: Jason Reitman/Shelton Turner, Up in the Air
Jason Reitman, like myself, was surprised that Tarantino didn’t snag the win here. Well, while I would’ve preferred Tarantino winning it, I did enjoy Up in the Air quite a bit. In fact, the script is rather unremitting in itself purpose, despite the slight dithering that comes with having Jason Reitman at the helm. It’s a bittersweet theme and I love my films like I love my chocolate in that sense.

BEST ORIGINAL SCORE: Michael Giacchino, Up
Love the music in that film. I was convinced the overblown and obvious work by James Horner for Avatar would win, but this was a nice little surprise. In fact, if you’re comparing Horner’s knack for adventure with Giacchino’s, I’d say the chosen winner by HFPA is the winner here. Some beautiful work that I hope repeats with AMPAS — really creates the large scale the feature needed.

BEST ORIGINAL SONG: T-Bone Bennett/Ryan Bingham, “The Weary Kind” – Crazy Heart
I’ve heard the song, but not seen in which context it is used. I’m certain it’s as potent as it is as a stand alone piece, but if I watch the film and Bridges pulls it out during a comedic moment (doubtful, but explaining why I can’t really divulge into my appreciation for it) then, well, I’m sure I won’t be as high on it.

BEST FOREIGN FEATURE: The White Ribbon (Germany)
I expected Baaria to take this one. Why? Well it’s by far the most palpable choice for the HFPA and Giuseppe Tornatore is a guy everyone likes on some level. Anyways, The White Ribbon is a meticulously constructed drama that siphons every ounce of zeal possible. It’s an exhausting, but education watch. It’s themes are obscured and muddled by the writing, but Haneke’s direction is as stark as it is beneficial to the film. My favourite of the nominees — haven’t seen The Maid or Baaria yet — so I’m glad it won.

Obvious, obvious, obvious. I love the movie, but it’d be nice if an acclaimed Pixar movie lost once in awhile. Anyways, the spirit of adventure will never die as long as Pete Docter has anything to say cinematically. His vision encompasses the child like wonder we’ve all had during our childhood and makes us sentimental for years gone by. Fortunately his incarnation of our youthful ideals will live on forever.

I’ve little to say on the television front — love this season of Dexter so it’s nice to see Michael C. Hall and John Lithgow the awards they rightfully deserve; would’ve rather seen Chiwetel Ejiofor take the Actor award over Kevin Bacon; wasn’t big on the few episodes of Glee that I saw; Alec Baldwin’s performance this season was rather rehashed, so his award wasn’t quite as deserved — so that’ll be that. Spill your beans below if you want a conversation. Or you know, don’t. Cheers!

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