What’s On: January

I’ll be doing these once a month. Just a post of all the releases coming out for the month with what I’ll be checking out. Mainly just an organizer for me, but feel free to discuss whatever.

Regular = No thanks
Italic = If I’m bored
Bold italic = I’ll probably check it out
Bold = I will see (might in the cinema)

Bold Red = I will see in the cinema (100%)

Bitch Slap
Crazy on the Outside
Leap Year
Wonderful World
Youth In Revolt (8/10)

44 Inch Chest
The Book of Eli
Fish Tank (9/10)
The Spy Next Door

Extraordinary Measures
The Girl on the Train (Le fille du RER)
The Paranoids (Los paranoicos)
To Save A Life
Tooth Fairy

Edge of Darkness
North Face (Nordwand)
Saint John of Las Vegas
When In Rome

Looks like a decent way to kickoff the year. Crap mostly swarms January — and it is here as well with a big, fat lol at Extraordinary Measures which looks like the worst movie of the month (even with When in Rome in the picture) — but at least we’ve new films with Denzel and Dequenne.

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