Counting Down The Top Twenty: Albums

I’ll try to do five short reviews a day until I finish up my top twenty albums of 2009. Along with announcing the top twenty albums, Alright, so lets get on with it!

#20. Post-Nothing – Japandroids
Brash, dynamic and a tad distorted. This two piece band has the sound of a five guitar band and vocals that make you want to jump on a board and go surfing. While their lyrics are often simplistic, their rhythms sound complex – leaving you with a nice mix. It’s the essential beach album. One moment you’ll want to dance it out and by the end, you’ll feel as if you’re sitting around a campfire relaxing. (BEST OFF OF THE ALBUM: Wet Hair)

#19. A Friend of a Friend – Dave Rawlings Machine
A passionate folk/country album. With singles like “To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)” and “Bells of Harlem” keeping the album afloat when it is inconsistent, it hardly loses its punch. While there isn’t a lot to admire about this album, Dave Rawlings’ voice is soulful and the lyrics happen upon wise on occasion. (BEST OFF OF THE ALBUM: To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)

#18. We Are Hip Hop · Me · You · Everybody – Mos Def
Is it just me or is Mos Def having an amazing year? Not only was The Ecstatic (released in January) great, but it holds on of the best songs of the year. Here, he follows it up with a more consistent album… thing is, the album is 30 tracks long. How he manages a powerful and insightful flow for over two hours is enough to land him a spot on here. On top of this, his lyrics have a tendency to be educational to the ignorant about the world; especially faux-rappers. “Beef is not what Jay said to Nas / beef is when a workin’ man can’t find a job”. (BEST OFF OF THE ALBUM: Jam On It)

The Fame Monster – Lady GaGa
Thoughts on this album can be found here: (BEST OFF OF THE ALBUM: Monster)

Bitte Orca – Dirty Projectors
The most abstract album of the year? Perhaps. It’s got to be one of them. With an undefinable sound, Dirty Projectors keep you pondering their style for weeks on end. Is it all good? No, but it’s something to admire and this album, Bitte Orca presents some great ideas and equally great songs to go with them. (BEST OFF OF THE ALBUM: Stillness is the Move)


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