Box Office Battles: December 11th

So last week I did… miserably. Severely overestimated Robert De Niro’s star power and paid for it big time. The rest I did… meh with.

BO Predictions: December 4th – 6th
01. Everybody’s Fine (26.8 million) (3.9 million)
02. The Blind Side (23.5 million) (20 million)
03. Twilight: New Moon (23.1 million) (15.4 million)
04. Armored (14.7 million) (6.5 million)
05. 2012 (10.3 million) (6.8 million)
06. Brothers (9.8 million) (9.5 million)
07. Old Dogs (8.8 million) (6.9 million)

08. Ninja Assassin (7.6 million) (5.1 million)
09. Precious (5 million) (2.3 million)
10. Fantastic Mr. Fox (4.7 million) (2.9 million)

Yeah… I suppose the weekend after Thanksgiving is the worst weekend of all. Anyways, that’ll be the last time I predict Robert DeNiro doing BO damage on his lonesome…

BO Predictions: December 4th – 6th
01. The Princess and the Frog (40.5 million)
02. Invictus (21.7 million)
03. The Blind Side (14.0 million)
04. Twilight: New Moon (9.8 million)
05. Brothers (5.4 million)
06. Up in the Air (5.1 million)
07. 2012 (4.7 million)
08. A Christmas Carol (4.2 million)
09. Old Dogs (4.1 million)
10. Armored (3.1 million)

Yeah, nothing particularly intricate about my predictions here. I figure the animated film will blow up and Eastwood (with little other competition for adults) will swing the second position with his PG-13 biopic about Nelson Mandela. Up in the Air is expanding to 75 theaters this weekend – it made around 1.2 million last weekend in 15 theaters – so around 5 seems a fair estimation. I, personally, will be seeing A Single Man tomorrow. It should make a fair bit of change for its minimal screen exhibition. Anyways, yeah, I think I’ve got this weekend down to a T (well apart from the bottom spots that are always a guess) – hopefully this puts me back on track with these predictions.


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