Box Office Battles: December 4th

Yeah, yeah – another weekend where I skipped out on Friday. Really couldn’t be bothered to do much (started writing a review for Up in the Air – would like to finish it tonight), so I’ll do the BO predictions today. I won’t look at Friday’s totals to be fair, so if I really misplay this weekend I’ll have wish I had cheated. As for last weekend:

BO Predictions: November 27th – 29th
01. Twilight: New Moon (41.5 million) (42.8 million)
02. The Blind Side (25.5 million) (40.1 million)
03. Old Dogs (20 million) (16.9 million)
04. 2012 (17.6 million) (17.7 million)
05. Ninja Assassin (17.1 million) (13.3 million)
06. Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire (13 million) (7.1 million)
07. Fantastic Mr. Fox (7.3 million) (7 million)
08. A Christmas Carol (5.4 million) (15.8 million)
09. Planet 51 (4.5 million) (10.2 million)
10. An Education (1.9 million) (0.9 million)

So I wasn’t off by much unless we’re talking A Christmas Carol, Planet 51 and Precious. I keep assuming Precious will become a boom (and I figured it was going to expand to 1,400 theaters last weekend when it only gained 28 from the week before) so I’ll stop with that this weekend. Last weekend’s big shocker was The Road which came in 10th place with 111 screens. Boondock Saints II seems to be on the rise. If it continues to gain more screens, it’ll pop into the top ten in no time. And yeah, The Blind Side is rocking the show – if this doesn’t help Sandra Bullock’s Oscar chances, nothing will. Alright, onto this weekend (new releases in blue)

BO Predictions: December 4th – 6th
01. Everybody’s Fine (26.8 million)
02. The Blind Side (23.5 million)
03. Twilight: New Moon (23.1 million)

04. Armored (14.7 million)
05. 2012 (10.3 million)
06. Brothers (9.8 million)
07. Old Dogs (8.8 million)
08. Ninja Assassin (7.6 million)
09. Precious (5 million)
10. Fantastic Mr. Fox (4.7 million)

I figure this weekend will be close along the board for just about everything. Everybody’s Fine seems like the typical winter hit about family that people flock to. Would’ve been more advantageous if it had been release last weekend, but at least now The Blind Side will be at its weakest financially. They’ll pull each others audiences, but I figure the new release will take it. I don’t see Armored being as big as the commercials want it to be and Brothers will take the R rated drama slot… but against the PG-13 drama, it won’t be as big. Yeah, just a bunch of estimations.

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