NBR Results!

I’ll put in red italic what I predicted, italic what I had as “runner-up” in predicting and underline any of the nominees I got right. But first, a note on what I feel:

#1. Yeah, Up in the Air love. I’ve been predicting this for the Best Picture win at the Academy Awards and thus will predict it for many BP wins this season. It’s nice to see Kendrick get love too, as I adore her and am most anticipating what she will do in the film (seeing it tomorrow).

#2. NBR is obsessed with Clint (you got this through last year’s Clint-love last year at NBR, I’m sure) and Clooney. A lot of people aren’t talking about how much they like Clooney which is surprising – but I guess most are more impressed with the Clint love than Clooney. This year he ties for Best Actor; 2007 they gave him Best Actor (only one of four groups that did) over DDL; 2005 they gave him Best Picture. They adore Clooney, but not nearly as much as Clint. So yes, this years ceremony was dominated by Invictus (Clint Eastwood) and Up in the Air (George Clooney).

#3. The lack of Precious pleases me. Wasn’t too fond of it and was hoping it’d get a few Best Picture snubs along the line. It happening so early (and being omitted from a top eleven) makes me happy.

#4. Avatar wasn’t screened, so for all ya’ll Cameron nuts, don’t worry. Oh, but The Lovely Bones were, and apparently it just sucks.

OK, so onto the awards and how well I predicted:

Best Film:
Up In The Air

Top Eleven Films (In alphabetical order):
An Education
(500) Days Of Summer (predicted it to make the indie list)
The Hurt Locker
Inglourious Basterds
The Messenger (predicted it to make the indie list)
A Serious Man
Star Trek
Up In The Air
Where The Wild Things Are

Best Director:
Clint Eastwood, Invictus

Best Actor:
Morgan Freeman, Invictus and George Clooney, Up In The Air (tie)

Best Actress:
Carey Mulligan, An Education (predicted her to win breakthrough)

Best Supporting Actor:
Woody Harrelson, The Messenger

Best Supporting Actress:
Anna Kendrick, Up In The Air

Best Foreign Film:
A Prophet

Best Documentary:
The Cove

Best Animated Feature:
Up (so obvious it slipped my mind…)

Best Ensemble Cast:
It’s Complicated

Breakthrough Performance by an Actor:
Jeremy Renner, The Hurt Locker

Breakthrough Performance by an Actress:
Gabourey Sidibe, Precious

Spotlight Award for Best Directorial Debut:
Duncan Jones, Moon, Oren Moverman,
The Messenger and Marc Webb, 500 Days of Summer (tie)

Best Original Screenplay:
Joel & Ethan Coen, A Serious Man

Best Adapted Screenplay:
Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner, Up In The Air

Special Filmmaking Achievement Award:
Wes Anderson, The Fantastic Mr. Fox

William K. Everson Film History Award:
Jean Picker Firstenberg

NBR Freedom of Expression:
Burma Vj: Reporting From A Closed Country,
The Most Dangerous Man In America: Daniel Ellseberg And The Pentagon Papers

Top Ten Independent Films (In alphabetical order):
District 9
Goodbye Solo
In The Loop
Me And Orson Welles
Two Lovers

Top Six Foreign Films (In alphabetical order):
The Maid
A Prophet
Song Of Sparrows
Three Monkeys
The White Ribbon

Top Six Documentary Films (In alphabetical order):
Burma Vj: Reporting From A Closed Country

The Cove
Food, Inc.
Good Hair
The Most Dangerous Man In America: Daniel Ellsberg And The Pentagon Papers


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