Box Office Battles: November 27th

Again, last weekend I misestimated. The weekend before I overestimated and last weekend I underestimated… a lot. And overestimated how well Precious would do. Damn, so far I’ve only done well on one weekend. Time to shape up or ship out. (Oh and I forgot to do this last night because I finally watched Precious – alright film) . So here’s how I did last weekend and then I’ll get to my predictions for this weekend.

BO Predictions: November 20th – 22nd
01. Twilight: New Moon (74.5 million) (142.8 million)
02. 2012 (39.5 million) (26.4 million)
03. Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire (25.7 million) (10.9 million)

04. Planet 51 (23 million) (12.9 million)
05. A Christmas Carol (8 million) (12.8 million)
06. The Blind Side (7.4 million) (34.1 million)
07. The Men Who Stare At Goats (3.1 million) (2.8 million)
08. Couples Retreat (2.8 million) (1.9 million)
09. Paranormal Activity (2 million) (1.4 million)
10. Law Abiding Citizen (1.8 million) (1.6 million)

So yeah, a bit underestimation for The Blind Side. I figured it’d do slightly better numbers than The Express did last year, but apparently lots of moms wanted to see this heartwarming tale. And this weekend’s predictions (to fix confusion between the reds, I’m making new releases blue):

BO Predictions: November 27th – 29th
01. Twilight: New Moon (41.5 million)
02. The Blind Side (25.5 million)
03. Old Dogs (20 million)
04. 2012 (17.6 million)
05. Ninja Assassin (17.1 million)
06. Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire (13 million)
07. Fantastic Mr. Fox (7.3 million)
08. A Christmas Carol (5.4 million)
09. Planet 51 (4.5 million)
10. An Education (1.9 million)

So yeah, pretty elementary stuff. Twilight will keep up the onslaught, The Blind Side is one of those fluff pieces that has legs throughout the holiday season, Old Dogs is going to be top film for children, 2012 won’t decline much more as it’s the only PG action thing out right now, Ninja Assassin seems like something plenty of kidults will flock to, Precious’ theater count is increasing and so on and so forth. The only “shock” would be An Education making it. It’s theater number keeps growing and last weekend it was #13 or #14 in total BO. I think it’ll incline once more and with worn out releases pining for 10th spot, I think it’ll be the first Oscar contender (outside widely released films) to make an appearance in a top 10.

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