Box Office Battles: November 13th

Last week I did pretty well in predictions. I got the top six right in order (and very close within the exact total it made over the weekend) but the bottom four I completely bombed. Anyways, the red will indicate the correct position and next to it and the predicted money earned will be the amount actually made.

BO Predictions: November 6th – November 8th

01. A Christmas Carol (31.5 million) (30.1 million)
02. This Is It (13.7 million) (13.2 million)
03. The Men Who Stare At Goats (12.6 million) (12.7 million)
04. The Fourth Kind (11 million) (12.2 million)
05. Paranormal Activity (8.6 million) (8.3 million)
06. The Box (5.1 million) (7.6 million)

07. Law Abiding Citizen (3.6 million) (6 million)
08. Couples Retreat (3.3 million) (6.7 million)
09. Saw VI (2.2 million) (2 million)
10. A Serious Man (1.6 million) (0.8 million)

So the major releases for this weekend are 2012 (3400 screens) and Pirate Radio (roughly 900 screens) – easy enough to predict, I feel. Oh and Precious took in a ridiculous per screen total last weekend (something like $100,000 per) and came 12th with only 16 screens. It’s at 174 this weekend, so watch that jump into the top ten this weekend. And as last weekend, the red indicates features just being released this weekend. Oh and a note. I laugh at executives that prompted the Michael Jackson documentary to be a “two week run only” only to sell more seats. Pretty dumb marketing – people will see it regardless.

BO Predictions: November 13th – November 15th
01. 2012 (85.5 million)
02. A Christmas Carol (19.8 million)
03. This Is It (10 million)
04. Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire (9.2 million)
05. Pirate Radio (9 million)
06. The Men Who Stare At Goats (7.8 million)
07. Paranormal Activity (7.1 million)
08. The Fourth Kind (5.8 million)
09. Couples Retreat (4 million)
10. The Box (3.7 million)

Yeah, it’s obvious Roland Emmerich’s latest will be the big draw this weekend. The Day After Tomorrow opened to 85.8 million on its opening weekend, so my predicting this similar amount stems from that. Though I doubt it will be as good as The Day After Tomorrow. But when there’s Ejiofor, there’s hope. Expect a review tonight.


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