Box Office Battles: November 6th

Another new category I’m introducing just for the fun of it. I tend to have fun predicting box office outcomes, so I’ll try to keep this as regular as I can. (the red indicates new to the top ten, but generally it just means “new film”)

Anyways, this is certainly the week to start doing this. With five rather large films getting released today – The Box, A Christmas Carol, The Fourth Kind, The Men Who Stare at Goats & Precious (limited) – it’ll be both an exciting weekend to go to the cinema and to predict. So lets get underway, shall we? (oh, and for the curious, I’m going to go see The Men Who Stare at Goats tonight and perhaps A Christmas Carol or The Box tomorrow)

BO Predictions: November 6th – November 8th
01. A Christmas Carol (31.5 million)
02. This Is It (13.7 million)
03. The Men Who Stare At Goats (12.6 million)
04. The Fourth Kind (11 million)
05. Paranormal Activity (8.6 million)
06. The Box (5.1 million)
07. Law Abiding Citizen (3.6 million)
08. Couples Retreat (3.3 million)
09. Saw VI (2.2 million)
10. A Serious Man (1.6 million)

Everything after the sixth position is pure estimation. I think A Christmas Carol will do generic decent animated film numbers and hold steady for a few weeks (even with Planet 51) coming out. There’s a huge cluster for second place with all the new releases. I do feel The Fourth Kind will ride some sort of momentum that Paranormal Activity has conjured up – what with the documentary style and being a horror. I’m unsure as to how Where The Wild Things Are will be effected by a fellow classic children’s tale being released, but I assume it will only hurt it. As much as I want it to be opposite, I see The Box flopping poorly. I’ve seen minimal adverts for it and only one at the cinema (and I go a lot) all year. Hopefully I can put 10 bucks in that film’s fund this weekend because it does look like something that would appeal to a decent crowd in the earlier months (like Untraceable). Anyways, those are my predictions – drop yours if you wish.

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