Invictus Trailer Release.

Since its the only Oscar buzzed film to have a trailer released, may as well comment on this one.

Yeah, its alright. It looks exactly like I figured except Freeman doesn’t appear to be trying to mask his own voice apart from a small lispy thing that doesn’t at all sound like Mandela (,,2060099,00.html). I’m liking what Damon’s doing – you know, more than nothing – which ensures my thought that he’ll certainly get nominated this year in supporting (even though he’ll be co-lead, I don’t see WB pushing him lead while he’s already doing so with The Informant! – like 2006 with The Good Shepherd and The Departed… but even that got sticky).

Anyways, it looks like a generic back-and-forth biopic that both wants to show life from the perspective of Mandela and of the people around him to flesh out his persona – like Frost/Nixon and The Last King of Scotland. It looks fine – I’ll obviously be seeing it, though.


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