Scorsese’s Island Gets Shut.

Yes, you heard that poor pun correctly – Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island has been shut… at least till February 19th, the films new release date. The people over at Paramount have (basically) said that “Yeah, we’re Oscar hungry dicks, so now that there’s then ten rule in affect, we basically don’t need to worry about giving this film a typical Oscar release date anymore”.

That’s nice and all, but the marketing heads must be speaking without doing much research. A film hasn’t received a Best Picture nomination with a release date that early since The Silence of the Lambs did back in 1991 – almost two decades ago. I understand the dynamic has changed to ten nominees, but there are two variables that most people aren’t considering here:

#1. The film might actually *gasp* suck. I found the trailer to be targeted more at bringing in stupid people that like mystery/horror films and the release date to reflect that. Alright, so it may not be the best way to inform an audience that appreciates film, but doesn’t know a lick about the story to show the merit it may have. Thus, I thought the trailer was tacky and would’ve just seen it hoping for the best – not expecting anything of Oscar caliber.

#2. What if they change the formula next year? Plenty of people have been skeptical of the ten nominee rule of making it to the end of this year, let alone next. What if all the marketing is for lost and the release date does play a factor in the film not receiving any Oscar consideration in 2011?

Just a poor, poor move on Paramount’s part. They seem so confident about a strategy that’s less assured than Maragret’s theatrical release date. (gotta keep the humor with the film fans)



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