TIFF Finishes Off the Documentary Section.


Since most of the other documentaries were mentioned a few weeks ago, the final update before the complete list being posted is a short one and certainly the easiest I’ve had to do all year. Good, that gives me time to rest up for Thursday’s bundle – roughly 35 more films.

Batter Up!
Ahead of Time – (Bob Richman, USA) The film is about a long and insightful tale into the life of a now 97 year old woman. Her story of becoming the world’s youngest ever Ph.D recipient in 1931 at the age of 20 to becoming one of the more astute figures during Exodus in 1947 to several other high achievements. Sure to be an interesting documentary but stories like these tend to bore me to tears.
(A 4/10 on my personal Anticipation Meter)

Once Upon a Time Proletarian: 12 Tales of a Country – (Gu Xiaolu, China) This story is told in twelve chapters about the effects that the Marxist regime had on the residents of China and the country itself. All separate stories told poetically in a dark fashion. Clocking in at only 75 minutes, I’ll sure be tempted to fit this into my schedule. Apparently Gu has had a very good track record with his features, so to see this would be an experience, no doubt. (A 7/10 on my personal Anticipation Meter)

Stolen – (Violeta Ayala/Dan Fallshaw, Australia) As you would figure from the title, the film is about some sort of theft. However, unlike the first thing that pops into mind – a heist – this is about the uncovering of a Saharawi refugees being used as slaves in Algeria. Certainly an interesting subject matter, but I’ve heard of these stories time and time again on the news. I’ve become almost desensitized to the matter. It will no doubt pack an emotional punch and make the viewer feel ill, but I’m fixed on the thought that I will just be annoyed at the predictability. (A 4/10 on my personal Anticipation Meter)

The Sunshine Boy – (Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, Iceland) The latest from acclaimed director Fridrik Thor Fridriksson is a documentary about a mother’s learning to cope with her child’s autism, going through medical documents and having interviews with professionals to better understand her son’s predicament. I feel very guilty about this subject matter and stories like this really effect me emotionally, so I’ll try and see this. No doubt it’ll be as emotionally draining as any feature at the festival this year. (An 8/10 on my personal Anticipation Meter)

Waking Sleeping Beauty – (Don Hahn, USA) The story of reclaiming a lost position atop the world in animation is what this film is all about. The documenting and recollection from many Disney alumni about their revival of the dying company in the mid 80’s to mid 90’s. Although I like the story, I know this will eventually get a distributor – this is one I certainly can wait for. (A 6/10 on my personal Anticipation Meter)

Even though only five important features were announced today, there are two potential prospects for my schedule; two I would be very glad to have the honor of seeing this year.

For those who read my TIFF updates, expect a much more coherent and impressive TIFF update on Thursday. :)


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