Robert Downey Jr. to star in Twilight: Eclipse?

Fooled ya! Well, not so much – he is set to play a vampire in a film adaptation of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles. As you may know, Anne Rice is a vampire novelist – Hollywood turning such novels as Queen of the Damned and Interview with the Vampire into features in 2001 and 1994 respectively.

What was once Tom Cruise’s role in Interview with a Vampire seems to now be in the golden hands of Robert Downey Jr.? How will fans of the first “Vampire Chronicles” film take this? I haven’t seen the first film in the series, so I can’t give an opinion, but both are top-notch actors. I’m always for consistency and its sad to see a role that Tom originated not even have Tom in the picture when creating a sequel.

Looks like RDJ is capitalizing on his 2008 success. I mean, who isn’t excited for Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man 2? Although contemporary vampire films tend to border tedium, I’ll watch anything with Robert Downey Jr. involved.



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