The Tree of Life gets a release date

One of the most anticipated films of the year by cinephiles everywhere is Terrence Malick’s latest The Tree of Life.

What does this mean? Well it means we can all stop speculating that it’ll be a 2010 film. Will it be more in vain of The Thin Red Line or The New World Academy wise? It’s getting released in Christmas – perhaps a tad too late for all voters to see it on time, but then again, that didn’t stop The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

I think everyone can agree with one thing though – we have our first lock in the cinematography category.

In other news: Me and Orson Welles has finally gotten its US release date. After hearing that Regent Productions got its UK release date all set up for October, I figured its American release was inevitable. Mark you calenders for November 25th – that’s when the new Linklater film comes out. Oh, and another word of advice? For those predicting Academy Awards, give Christian McKay the benefit of the doubt in Supporting Actor. Believe me, it’ll pay dividends come January.

source: Entertainment Weekly Magazine


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