TIFF Announces More Gala and Special Presentation Films

So since they keep updating and I knew they would today, I was all prepared to update my blog… luckily, it was with some exciting titles and not some boring ones – though really, very few have been boring to talk about. More Gala and Special Presentation films! Lets go!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!
The Damned United – starring: Michael Sheen and Timothy Spall. A movie I’m quite excited to see, if not only for the great cast. A Gala presentation, the film is about football manager Brian Clough and focuses prominently on his 44 day management of Leeds United – a team that loved their previous manager, Peter Taylor – a foe of Mr. Clough. Apparently it is darkly humorous and full of historical goodies, so count me in! Set for a September 25th US release. (An 8/10 on my personal Anticipation Meter)

Dil Bole Hadippa! – starring: Rani Mukherjee and Tabu. A boring sounding film – a lot like countless features – a story about a girl who isn’t allowed to play sports who dresses up like a man to parttake in said activities. Not to mention that I’ve yet to be impressed by an Indian feature… it’s no doubt that I’ll be skipping this. Set for a September release in India. (A 2/10 on my personal Anticipation Meter)

The Good Heart – starring: Brian Cox and Paul Dano. The second feature by Icelandic filmmaker Dagur Kari, director of Noi Albinoi, seems to be a great one; a film I’ve been excited for for quite sometime. Starring the two men from 2001’s indie feature L.I.E. the story is about an elderly bartender taking a young homeless man under his wing. I really like Paul Dano and I do enjoy the concept, plus Kari has lots of talent… I’ll be sure to check this one out. No release date has been set for this yet. (An 8/10 on my personal Anticipation Meter)

The Hole – starring: Chris Massoglia and Nathan Gamble. Set for its world premiere at Venice, Joe Dante’s ‘The Hole’ promises to be atmospheric. Written by Mark L. Smith (Vacancy), the story is about two young brothers who find a hole in their basement. Within the hole are their deepest and darkest fears – the only way to close it is to confront them. I don’t really like the concept at all, but it might just be one of those great features that no one expected. Allegedly set for a 2010 US release. (A 5/10 on my personal Anticipation Meter)

Micmacs – starring: Dominique Pinon and Dany Boon. Lots of people are very excited for this feature by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Although it’s lacking a heavy-handed cast, the concept is very amusing and I’ll be looking forward to seeing the world premiere at TIFF. A fantastical comedy that is very metaphorical in subtext, Micmacs a tire-larigot is about two men who plan on bringing down two big weapons manufacturers. I’ll look into some of Jeunet’s prior filmmaking (I’ve seen Alien 4, but I doubt that’s the pinnacle of his work) before making a definite decision. Set for a late October release in Belgium and France. (An 8/10 on my personal Anticipation Meter)

Soul Kitchen – starring: Moritz Bleibtreu and Birol Ünel. Directed by Faith Akin (Head-on) his new feature is more comedic than dramatic – but the romantics seems to be intact. A young restaurant owner has various troubles – his love has moved to Shanghai and his restaurant is being boycotted. When a bunch of people who love the new culinary direction of his restaurant, he sets off to China to reclaim his love; leaving his ex-con brother in charge. Surprisingly, I really like this concept! I will check out Head-on later on to see if I’m down with Akin’s style, but as of now… this should be a great one. Set for a December 25th release in Germany. (An 8/10 on my personal Anticipation Meter)

Up in the Air – starring: George Clooney and Vera Farmiga. I knew this would play – when I was asked about what would be most likely to play at TIFF this year, my first response would be Up in the Air. After premiering both Thank You for Smoking and Juno at TIFF in ’05 and ’07 respectively, director Jason Reitman brings Up in the Air, a story about a corporate downsizer who is about to have his love of traveling dashed as he’s about to reach his 10 million miles flown limit and who falls in love with the woman of his dreams. I’m very excited for this film and especially its cast. I’m so in. Set for a December release in the US. (A 9/10 on my personal Anticipation Meter)

Who’s Your Raashee? – starring: Suzy Brack and Priyanka Chopra. Based on a famous Indian novel, a young man who has always wanted to marry for love finds out that he has ten days to do so before his family’s traditionalist view on marriage is set in effect and he’s to marry a woman chosen by them. Another movie I’m not at all excited for because it’s an alleged comedy. If it were dramatic, I’d be more enticed, but it isn’t so I’m not. (A 3/10 on my personal Anticipation Meter)

All in all, there are some titles I’m really ecstatic for and some I’m not excited for at all. I’ll post a Venice Film Festival update in a little while.


2 thoughts on “TIFF Announces More Gala and Special Presentation Films

  1. siawo says:

    have u seen the indian movie called BLACK … it featured in times top ten movies of 2005 around the world…do watch it if u can…u will b surprised….plus watch Omkara (its an indian adaptation of othello against the backdrop of goons. guns and politics)

  2. siawo says:

    or for the matter of fact have u seen cookin with stella or Road, movie screened atthe same festival?

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