TIFF adds six more titles to its lineup.

According to Yahoo! (http://movies.yahoo.com/news/movies.ap.org/connelly-bettany-open-film- fest-with-darwin-tale-ap;_ylt=AkNM6Ii.ktNczewJ1ql_lDtfVXcA) and a brief interview with Bill Nighy (http://jam.canoe.ca/Movies/2009/07/13/10122456-sun.html), TIFF has basically confirmed six more titles to be added to the shortlisted lineup as of now, with Creation being this years Opening Film – the first non-Canadian feature to open the festival in many years:

The Six Titles Are…
The Boys Are Back – starring Clive Owen and George MacKay. From what IMDb is telling me, its about a sports writer that becomes a widower. It’s directed by the man who wrote/directed Shine so odds are it’ll be a decent bit of cinema. It has a late September US release date which will probably keep me from seeing it at TIFF. (A 7/10 on my personal Anticipation Meter)

Creation –
starring Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly. A story about Charles Darwin and his trials prior to and including his discovery of The Theory of Evolution. A British production set yet to have a US distribution date. (An 8/10 on my personal Anticipation Meter)

Glorious 39 – starring Romola Garai and Bill Nighy. Supposedly a mysterious tale set on the night before World War II. It sounds very exciting and promising – especially the cast which also heads Julie Christie, Eddie Redmayne and fellow Garai co-starrer on Atonement, Juno Temple. Another British production yet to recieve a US release date. (A 9/10 on my personal Anticipation Meter)

The Informant! – starring Matt Damon and Melanie Lynskey. A very counter-Bond film that seems similar to 2006 feature The Hoax – a satirical comedy/drama which this seems to be as well. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, I only have high hopes for this. However, it comes out just at the festival concludes, so I’ll probably skip this as well. (An 8/10 on my personal Anticipation Meter)

Leaves of Grass – starring Edward Norton and Keri Russell. My most anticipated film of 2009… well one of them. Edward Norton in a duel-role akin to Cage’s in Adaptation.?! Count me in. Love Norton; love Russell; love the synopsis and I’ll be sure to make this a priority for this year’s festival. (A 10/10 on my personal Anticipation Meter)

Solitary Man – starring Michael Douglas and Mary Louise-Parker. Judging by the cast, I’m only assuming that this will be a comedy/drama or something to that extent. The plot is something like a man who is head of a car company has his life crash down on him due to his indiscretions – both romantic and professional. I’m only assuming that Michael Douglas will play this role with Parker as his wife and Fischer as the hot chick he bangs into infidelity. Sounds good to me – plus I love me some Weeds and The Office, so these two gals should be enough to tempt me to see it. I’m weary of Koppelman’s talents, however, so that might restrain me from seeing it at TIFF. It has yet to have any confirmed release dates anywhere – including the US. (A 7/10 on my personal Anticipation Meter)

So far this seems to be shaping up into a solid year at the festival. With two new Romanian New Wave films that I’m sure to see (Police, Adjective and The Happiest Girl in the World) along with a few other highly interesting foreign prospects (Fish Tank, Les Herbes Folles, Air Doll, Independencia, Gigante and Irene), I’m sure to have a blast with my 50-Ticket pass.

Other speculate releases are: Bright Star, The Invention of Lying, Ondine, The Road, Precious and Ondine. Of those, The Road seems to be the only I’d go excessively out of my way for. Even though Bright Star has a late September release in conventional US theaters, I’ll probably see it at TIFF just to review it before it comes out! The Invention of Lying looks like a delightful little romp, similar to last years Gervais film Ghost Town (which also played at TIFF). I’d see that as well.

Anyways, if you’re reading this and attending TIFF this year, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the news. Commenting is good!


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