Will The Ceremony Be Restored?

The Oscars – a very long tradition that has now found itself embedded in American culture. The most presitgious awards show about film, The Academy Awards bring in all types of audiences to amount to their millions and millions of viewers annually. However, after much freight and worriment about losing viewers – more or less the “new wave” of watchers who need to be entertained endlessly to pay apt attention to a three hour broatcast – they decided to change up the format for last years ceremony.


Yeah, it wasn’t all that great. Disassembling the format I was accustomed to to bring in a flashy, expensive and laughable new design. Jackman gave a Tony Award worthy performance, but apart from that it was distressful to watch and the only thing I personally benefited from was the knowledge of the winners and Kunio Kato’s hilarious sank you speech.

But just the entire introductions to the awards had me grimacing. From the insincere and clearly scripted speeches to each individual nominee to the 22nd century set-design… I just disliked it.

Well this year they’re bringing back the 10 nominee rule from the golden age of Hollywood (1933 – 1943) where, instead of five nominees in Best Picture, they have 10. This gives me hope that they will bring back a more traditional and formidable regularity to the show – as much as I love to see Anne Hathaway in skimpy clothing.