Daily Film Thoughts: The Hangover

starring: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms & Zach Galifianakis

Todd Phillips is a fair comedy director – bringing in laugh after laugh with Road Trip, Old School, Starsky + Hutch & School for Scoundrels. However, The Hangover is by far his best work to date – combining what succeeded in all those films into one smushed comedy. Not “the comedy of the year” by any means, and I’m sure it’ll lose it’s initial appeal on rewatches, but as a singular viewing it is a treat. A nifty concept that relies on post-drunk behavior as opposed to drunk behavior, it’s intelligent and honest. There are plenty of surprises to be had and it is certainly a funny movie. On the flip side, there are some parts that don’t work so well – they seem cheap and imitative, but you laugh at them anyways because of the prior laughs that you had. There are some violent scenes which come at you from nowhere and some rather crude scenes too. These are more or less the high points because in a frantic comedy, the less down to Earth the better. Zach Galifianakis is by far the best of the cast; he brings his deadpan and self-mocking humor from his stand-up and it translates to the screen beautifully. If not for him, the film would’ve been an average film at best.

All in all, a fun movie that I recommend based solely on the fact that there’s nothing all that humorous out right now (well, I haven’t seen Land of the Lost but I’m pretty sure it won’t be that funny) and it’s generally a good time. A low 7/10 and somewhat worthy of the packed crowd I saw it with. Oh yeah, and make sure to stay in your seats for the sweet montage during the credits. I saw some people dash for the doors right when they figured it was over, but man… they definitely saved the best for last with this one.