6 Months Into the Year: My Personal Lineups for 2008

Best Picture
In Bruges
Mister Lonely
Stuff and Dough
Towelhead ***
///////////////////the rest///////////////
#6. Funny Games US
#7. The Man from London
#8. The Happening
#9. Intimate Enemies
#10. My Blueberry Nights

Best Actor in a Leading Role
Colin Farrell, In Bruges (***)
Martin Freeman, Nightwatching
Richard Jenkins, The Visitor
James McAvoy, Wanted
Sam Rockwell, Snow Angels
///////////////////the rest///////////////
#6. Chris Cooper in Married Life
#7. Chiwetel Ejiofor in Redbelt
#8. Colin Farrell in Cassandra’s Dream
#9. Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man
#10. Jared Leto in Chapter 27

Best Actress in a Leading Role
Kseniya Rappoport in The Unknown Woman (***)
Uma Thurman in Life Before Her Eyes
Manuela Velasco in [·rec]
Naomi Watts in Funny Games US
Evan Rachel Wood in Life Before Her Eyes
///////////////////the rest///////////////
#6. Vera Farmiga in Quid Pro Quo
#7. Saoirse Ronan in Death Defying Acts
#8. Kate Beckinsale in Snow Angels
#9. Norah Jones in My Blueberry Nights
#10. Summer Bishil in Nothing is Private

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Stop Loss
Michael Pitt, Funny Games US
Peter Macdissi, Towelhead (***)
Wagner Moura, Elite Squad
David Statharin, My Blueberry Nights
///////////////////the rest///////////////
#6. Thomas Hayden Church, Smart People
#7. Doru Ana, Stuff and Dough
#8. Jonathan Haagensen, City of Men
#9. Robert Downey Jr., Charlie Bartlett
#10. Aaron Eckhart, Nothing is Private

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Juliette Binoche, The Voyage of the Red Balloon
Samantha Morton, Mister Lonely (***)
Marian Saastad Ottesen, The Art of Negative Thinking
Natalie Portman, My Blueberry Nights
Rachel Weisz, My Blueberry Nights
///////////////////the rest///////////////
#6. Natasa Ninkovic,The Trap
#7. Cate Blanchett, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystall Skull
#8. Sarah Michelle Gellar, The Air I Breathe
#9. Winona Ryder, Sex and Death 101
#10. Hilary Duff, War, Inc.

Best Director
Alan Ball – Nothing is Private
Harmony Korine – Mister Lonely
Martin McDonagh – In Bruges
Cristi Pulu – Stuff and Dough (***)
Bela Tarr – The Man from London
///////////////////the rest///////////////
#6. The Wachowski Brothers – Speed Racer
#7. Florent Emilio Siri – Intimate Enemies
#8. M. Night Shyamalan – The Happening
#9. David Mamet – Redbelt
#10. Michael Gondry – Be Kind, Rewind

Best Original Screenplay
In Bruges [martin mcDonagh]
Mister Lonely [harmony korine & avi korine]
Redbelt [david memet] (***)
Stuff and Dough [cristi pulu & razvan radulescu ]
The Unknown Woman [giuseppe tornatore]
///////////////////the rest///////////////
#6. The Visitor [thomas mccarthy]
#7. Forgetting Sarah Marshall [jason segel]
#8. Be Kind, Rewind [michael gondry]
#9. My Blueberry Nights [kar wai wong & lawrence block]
#10. Young People Fucking [aaron abrams & martin gero]

Best Adapted Screenplay
City of Men [elena soarez]
Funny Games US [michael haneke]
The Man from London [bela tarr]
Towelhead [alan ball] (***)
The Trap [melina pota koljevic & srdjan koljevic]
///////////////////the rest///////////////
#6. Horton Hears a Who [ken daurio & cinco paul]
#7. Intimate Enemies [florent emilio siri]
#8. Iron Man [mark fergus & hawk ostby]
#9. Snow Angels [david gordon green]
#10. The Life Before Her Eyes [emil stern]

Best Cinematography
City of Men [adriano goldman]
The Man from London [fred kelemen] (***)
Married Life [peter deming]
My Blueberry Nights [darius khondji]
The Unknown Woman [fabio zamarion]
///////////////////the rest///////////////
#6. The Trap [aleksandar ilic]
#7. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull [janusz kaminski]
#8. In Bruges [eigil bryld]
#9. 10 000 BC [ueli steiger]
#10. Ploy [chankit chamnivikaipong]

Best Animated Feature
Film Noir (***)
Horton Hears a Who
Kung Fu Panda

Best Film Editing
Be Kind, Rewind
Mister Lonely
My Winnipeg (***)
Speed Racer
Young People Fucking

Best Art Direction
Death Defying Acts
In Bruges (***)
My Blueberry Nights
Speed Racer
War, Inc.

Best Costume Design
Death Defying Acts
Mister Lonely (***)
Speed Racer

Best Makeup
Diary of the Dead
Frontiere[s] (***)

Best Visual Effects
The Incredible Hulk
Iron Man
Speed Racer (***)
The Spiderwick Chronicles

Best Sound Mixing
The Incredible Hulk
Speed Racer (***)

Best Sound Editing
Iron Man
Speed Racer
Wall•E (***)

Best Original Score
Cassandra’s Dream [philip glass]
The Happening [james newton howard]
Horton Hears a Who! [john powell]
The Man from London [mihaly vig] (***)
Towelhead [thomas newman]
///////////////////the rest///////////////
#6. The Life Before Her Eyes [james horner]
#7. Smart People [nuno bettencourt]
#8. Married Life [dickon hinchliffe
#9. The Unknown Woman [ennio morricone]
#10. Intimate Enemies [alexandre desplat]

Best Ensemble Cast
Mister Lonely
My Blueberry Nights
Towelhead (***)
The Trap
Young People Fucking
///////////////////the rest///////////////
#6. Married Life
#7. City of Men
#8. Jar City
#9. Definitely, Maybe
#10. The Band’s Visit