Going into the film, I expected a Knocked Up-light, but left with a lot of laughs, and a good time. If you’re in high school, this film will really hit a chord with you, because it is very realistic.

In Seth Rogen’s and Evan Goldberg’s first attempt in writing a screenplay, they struck comic gold. There were a lot of great scenes in the film, none too memorable (except maybe 2 or 3), but it’s certainly something with tremendous re watch ability. With a true ‘high school’ storyline, and a lot of one liners, the script made the 2 hour film fly by.

Though Greg Mottola is no Judd Apatow, he still comes up with some pretty good direction for the movie. He set up the film in a very good way, got some great performances out of the actors, and had a nice dramatic moment.

From the small, hilarious cameos to the just as funnier leads, the film is one of the greatest comedic ensembles in a long time.

Bill Hader plays “Officer Slater“, who surprisingly has a much larger role than I expected, seeing as I assumed the officers would have small roles, but no he’s a significant portion of the script. He had a lot of good lines, and played off of his partner in the film, Rogen, very well. Sadly, he was overshadowed by Rogen’s delivery of lines at times, “Officer Michaels” played by Seth Rogen, who was absolutely great in his supporting role. He spends the majority of the film with “Fogell” and all of it with “Officer Slater“, and really uses them to his advantage, throwing out a lot of great lines, and using his ‘charm’ as I call it, to make funny lines, funnier than they seem with his quirkiness.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse who spends most of the film with the cops, plays “Fogell/McLovin’“, a very geeky kid. At times, his character got annoying with his lame voice/catchphrases, so I know how the main characters in the film felt around him . I actually thought he’d be a leading character in the movie, but he is more supporting than leading, which was shocking to me. He had a few good lines, but the way he said it made it funny… if it were any other character saying those lines, they would’ve been horrible.

Onto the two leads of the film, Jonah Hill and Michael Cera. Jonah Hill along with Seth Rogen & Nick Swardson are the most underrated comedic actors of the last few years, and this year the first two people I mentioned have gotten their big breaks, both in films that are alike.

Hill plays “Seth“, one of the two leads of the film, who is ‘ugly, fat, lonely & horny’, so he basically plays most fat high schoolers. Jonah does a really good job in his first leading role, and he was hilarious. The only thing that bugged me about the performance is he yelled too much in his role, other wise his performance would’ve been the best of the film, but that honor goes to… Michael Cera who plays “Seth’s” best friend, “Evan“. Wow, just, wow was this kid ever good. I’m also very proud of him because he lives in the same city as me, and went to the same high school (pretty cool, eh). His performance was the funniest and the best of the film, because he played the role of ‘awkward teenage’ so perfectly. He had some of the best lines in the film, and certainly the most memorable scenes. This also caused some of his more crude jokes to be spontaneous, thus giving him more versatility in his comedy.

There weren’t very many technical aspects in the film, but I will comment on the few that the film had. For one, the film editing was very good, like Knocked Up’s. It kept great pacing, didn’t have any dull moments, and it also contained a bit of flash.

The costume design played a small part in the film, getting a few laughs from me because of it, but it wasn’t anything flashy, or stylish enough to get my attention at all.

The only other ‘tech’ the film had that was any good was the soundtrack (which isn’t really a tech). It added a retro feel to the film, though it wasn’t retro at all, which gave it a weird vibe that was cool, because when they tried to be cool, a song from the 70’s played, which showed how uncool they were, it was great.

Golden Globe Nominations (6 nominations in each category)
Best Picture [Comedy/Musical] (#4)
Best Actor in a Leading Role [Comedy/Musical] – Michael Cera (#3)
Best Film Editing (#5)

Overall – A year full of great comedies, and this certainly is one of them. 8.5/10

On A Side Note – I will be posting my nominees of the year before I go to the film festival, and I will update it afterwards.


One thought on “Superbad

  1. Aleks says:

    I kinda wanted to see Superbad. Thanks for the review. The trailers look hilarious.

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